How to Get Rid of a Bee Invasion

Call a Professional and Save These Important Pollinators

Bees are important pollinators. If you have a bee invasion, you need to call a professional so that they can remove them from your property and save these precious creatures. In the meantime, there are some things you can do to stop their progress towards your home so make sure to visit for more info.

The first thing you should do is keep your home clean. Bees are attracted to sweet things, so make sure all of your trash cans have lids and that they’re empty before nightfall. If you notice bees on the outside of any doors or windows in your house, try installing screens or caulk around them to stop their entry into your living space.


Bees build hives wherever there’s shelter from rain and sun exposure; remove anything like wood piles, stone walls, hollowed logs, roof eaves etc., where the bees might be nesting. Don’t leave out open jars with sugar water as an offering because this will attract more swarms towards your property!

If you find yourself dealing with a bee infestation at some point during summertime when bees are most active, call a beekeeper to handle the problem. If you wait too long or try doing it yourself using DIY methods, you risk killing these precious pollinators!

There are plenty of resources online about how to get rid of bees by removing their hive and making sure they don’t come back for good– but if this is something that scares you or even makes your skin crawl at all because of an allergy, just remember: calling a professional removal service will always be the safest option. They know what do to keep everyone safe so that no one has to suffer from getting stung ever again!