Women Reading Glasses

Read This Before You Buy

There are a lot of things to consider when you buy reading glasses women items. You want them to be stylish, but not too trendy. You want them to be comfortable, but not too heavy. And most importantly, you want them to work well for your needs! In this blog post we’ll talk about how much magnification is needed for various tasks and what features might help or hinder your ability to read with ease!

Reading Glasses Women

The first thing to consider is how much magnification you need for your reading glasses.

You can use the chart below to help you determine what type of magnification will best suit your needs!

Shape of glasses:

The shape of your glasses can make a big difference in how well they work for you. A rectangular frame with lenses that are flat on the top and bottom will usually offer more space between your eyes and the lens, making it easier to use reading glasses without them sliding down or causing pain behind your ears!

This type of frame is also good for people who need magnification in only one eye, as the lenses are easily adjusted to compensate for your glasses prescription. A rounder shape can be more difficult to use if you have a high reading prescription because it provides less space between the lens and your eyes! However some companies do make frames with this same technology that allows them to sit closer on the face without added strain or discomfort. An oval shaped pair of readers will provide somewhere in between these options- they won’t slide off like round ones but they aren’t flat either!