Youth Sculling


Youth Sculling

Kids from 11 - 17 are invited to participate.

Learn about boats, water safety and of course how to scull!

Rowing has been called the ultimate team sport - we'll get them all rowing together working towards a common goal (fast boats!) while making new friends and having fun on the water. We will have them row a variety of boats. Sometimes the larger quads, sometimes doubles, and perhaps singles depending on what they wanted to do. (One of the first private lessons that I gave at the Longmont Sculling Club was to a 12 year old girl in a single. She picked it up quite quickly and went on to row at Colorado Junior Crew (and got her brother to row with her over there)).

If you have kids that would like to learn to scull, this is the time!

This was written by one of last year's new junior scullers. Just a snippet from his "Sculling Reflection" which I thought was very aptly named.
I became much better at coordinating with the partner who I rowed in my double with, I also took some time rowing in a single shell. The single was particularly liberating—getting up to speed in a shell with nobody else felt very liberating. Having full control over my movement in the water was very empowering, and I had a much greater sense of achievement when I realized that any speed I was going was maintained solely on my own power.

Youth Sculling Camp

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Why Longmont Sculling Club?

* Friendly, supportive, knowledgeable coaches
* Small classes and lots of personal attention
* Sculling is what we do - single focus means dedication and commitment
* Camaraderie, social activities, new friends

Why Union Reservoir?

* No-wake body of water is very safe for non-motorized water sports
* Boats stored right next to the water - no long carries
* 750 beautiful acres to scull on!
* Sculling can occur morning, noon and evening

Why Sculling?

* Fun to be in small boats with other small boats on the water!
* Sculling, with 2 oars, is a symmetrical activity and easier on your body
* Sculling teaches “boat feel” and students progress quickly.
* Sculling teaches teamwork, discipline and commitment – “The Ultimate Team Sport”
* Full body workout
* No impact activity - easy on your joints
* Sculling is a life long sport - start them early!

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