Why Scull at Union Reservoir with Longmont Sculling Club?


Union Reservoir, mid morning


Why Longmont Sculling Club?

* Friendly, supportive, knowledgeable coaches
* Small classes and lots of personal attention
* Sculling is what we do - single focus means dedication and commitment
* Camaraderie, social activities, new friends

Why Union Reservoir?

* No-wake body of water is very safe for non-motorized water sports
* Boats stored right next to the water - no long carries
* 750 beautiful acres to scull on!
* Sculling can occur morning, noon and evening

Why Sculling?

* Fun to be in small boats with other small boats on the water!
* Sculling, with 2 oars, is a symmetrical activity and easier on your body
* Sculling teaches “boat feel” and students progress quickly.
* Sculling teaches teamwork, discipline and commitment – “The Ultimate Team Sport”
* Full body workout
* No impact activity - easy on your joints
* Sculling is a life long sport

Why not? Sign up today!

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