What People are Saying


Here are some notes, comments, and emails from some of our members and class participants. We're so happy to have had such a positive affect on so many!

I was questioning if I was going to continue lessons next month for personal reasons. We typically head up to our cabin in the mountains on Fridays so I miss Saturday, but I told my husband I’ll be heading up on Saturdays now so I can be a part of Saturdays class with you. You make it fun, great drills to work on as a group, and we all laugh – makes it something to truly look forward to. I know us older ladies can be a little difficult at times, but we love you and are so glad you’re back. We all were talking about how much we enjoyed Saturday.
-- from someone in the coached experienced group classes referring to Coach Meredith - 6/16

You have a fantastic coaching method and I can't thank you enough for your patience, passion and understanding during my learning process.

You have a way of encouraging me to do the correct thing the right way without criticism and that is a rare gift and talent!

Thank you for your kindness and energy in getting me involved in a new and exciting endeavor.
I really appreciate all you've done and look forward to more next year.
-- email from someone learning to row in their own shell - 10/13

My niece just rowed there this past weekend! ...she rows because i rowed... i rowed because of you!
-- from someone who learned to row from Deb and who's niece raced in CT - 10/13

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your into sculling program this weekend. I will be signing up for some private lessons with you shortly.
-- email from someone participating in LTS #3 - 6/9/13

''Thank you for the wonderful lesson this morning!
It felt great to get back on the water (even if it didn't look so great :) .
I'll do my "homework" and see ya next weekend.''
-- email from someone after taking a private lesson after being of the water for 10+ years

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the 'learn to scull' class! We had a great group of people and your coaching was informative, constructive AND kind (especially for those of us who don't pick up new skills as quickly as everyone else!).
-- email from someone participating in LTS #1 - 5/25/13

I rowed this am at about 9:00. It was so beautiful I could hardly stand it. Totally calm, tons of birds, such a nice warm but not too hot temperature. I rowed, came back, lay on the dock for a while, then went back out again. It was sooooo nice. I am so grateful that you started this club, I cannot tell you.
--Comment from a current member

It was picture-perfect water on your res this morning. I vowed to remember the spectacular scenery for the whole day.
--Note from a future member prior to joining

Dear Barney,
Thank you, dear purple friend, for countless hours of pure joy circling our favorite pond. Every day was different, as we spied hawks and herons, work on this grip or that, paddled fast or lazed away the afternoon.
Enjoy your cold slumber, snug on your rack, knowing that I'll be ready for our reunion come spring.
-- Note from a member after her first season rowing at Union Reservoir

I really appreciate your enthusiasm and encouragement. They're what make LSC special.
--Note from a current member

I may not ever be the best rower, but I couldn’t be more grateful and appreciative of the lake, the views, the physical exercise of rowing, the friendships that have built over time, and of the club you created.
-- Note from a current member

I've really enjoyed our class this month. Yesterday I felt much more in control of the quad. the boat crew really came together which was so satisfying.
-- Note from a member enrolled in the coached experienced program

You are doing a stellar job of catching some things for me recently- I have a few things in my head to take out and practice.
-- Note from a member enrolled in the coached experienced program

Thanks for making being part of the Longmont Sculling Club such a great experience. From the classes, boat availability and maintenance, to the welcoming atmosphere (especially for us first-year newbies), it’s all top-notch.
-- Note from a 2014 novice

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