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Upcoming Events

Sunday Club Row is moving.... back to Sunday at 7am
The idea is that it will be low on structure, but high on fun! New people and "old" people mixing into boats together, and just making the numbers work to fill the boats that we can, and taking out singles to get as many on the water as possible. The outings will be generally un-coached, but guided as to what we're going to do for the day. Social gathering involving food to follow as people desire.


Union Reservoir Activities to be Aware of:

Open Water Swim
- Please be aware of swimmers in the water near the swim beach during these times. They will be swimming around the large orange buoys. Do not scull close to this area at these times.
  • June 2 - September 26 - Open Water Swim
    • Tuesday & Wednesday - 5:45- PM - 7:15 PM
    • Saturday - 8:45 AM - 10:15 AM
  • June 12 - July 31 - Open Water Swim
    • Friday 5:45 AM - 7:15 AM
      • No Open water swimming on July 4
Sailing Regattas - 2016
- Early outings will be acceptable on these days
  • June 11 & 12 ReUnion Regatta - all day
  • July 5 Firecracker/ Sparkler Regatta - all day
  • Sept 24 Oktoberfest Regatta - all day

Triathlons 2016
- Traffic into and out of the reservoir will be strained. Be prepared for road closures. Escorts to the site may be provided at breaks in the race action. Access is less impacting if coming in via CR 3.5.
  • May 21 Summer Open Triathlon (restricted access 9:30AM - 11PM)
  • August 14 Outdoor Diva's Triathlon (restricted access 7AM - 12PM)
  • September 25 Oktober Sprint Triathlon (restricted access 7AM - 12PM)

- June 25 Access will not be restricted, but beach launching area and swim beach will be closed until the conclusion of the event.

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Is it beautiful enough out to scull?

Reserve a boat

To reserve a boat, first log in with the group password, then your own account name/password. If you don't have one - please contact

You will be able to put your name into an existing boat (or on a waiting list) or create your own slot for taking out a boat. Nominal duration of an outing is 90 minutes. When selecting the time to scull, please try to schedule back to back rows to optimize the use of the equipment. Schedule no sooner than 2 days in advance, and no further out than 9 days from the current day.

If you and your 3 buddies want to take out a quad, you can do it under one name - simply put the "capacity" as one.
If you are looking to row a quad, but haven't searched out boat-mates, you can create an entry with capacity = 4, and then put your name in for one. Others can then see when someone is looking for partners, and make a reservation with you.

When you view the calendar - if the boat still has seats available, it will show up as a pure color. If the boat is full, it will be cross hatched. A check in the field indicates there are people on the wait list.

If you spontaneously decide you want to row and haven't made a reservation. Please just check the calendar right before you leave for the lake. If the boat is not reserved, it will be available to you on a first come, first served basis.

Rules and Regulations

Otherwise known as how to get along with each other, and the equipment.

Safety: How to Straddle and Paddle

How to get out of the water, onto your boat, and safely to shore.

Bow Seat Training: How to be a coxswain and scull at the same time

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