The Longmont Sculling Club has the following equipment available to members upon certification. Club members are allowed to use the equipment under the supervision of a coach, in a lesson, or in a boat with a certified member as a benefit of regular club membership. Certification and use of the club equipment independently is a higher level of membership. This privilege is available for $50/ year.

Recreational boats

Cetus – Martin Trainer
Pluto - Martin Trainer
Mars - Red Alden 18 (single or double)
Jupiter - Blue Alden 18 (single or double)
Venus - Blue Deck Alden 16
The Big 5 - Green Deck Alden 18 (single or double)
Neptune - Trimline
___ - Wintech 24 (single)
___ - Wintech 31 (double)
Nova (no name) - Cambridge
Luna - Pacific
Saturn – Black hulled Vancouver
Mercury - Red Rec Racer


  • Advancing from the Recreational Boats you will be challenged in these intermediate boats as you improve your skills. Particular boat usage based on your skill and experience.

Nebula – Green decked Peinert
Asteroid – Blue decked Peinert
Big Bang – Blue Peinert
Black Hole – Blue Peinert
Barney - Purple Peinert
– Green decked Peinert
Comet - Red Peinert
Apollo – Maas 27
Meteor - Pro Am 25


Castor – Hudson 2x (lives outside)
Pollux – Hudson 2x (lives inside)
Galaxy – MW Kaschper 2x
Crux - HW Kaschper 2x
Spica - Vespoli 2x (beige and blue)


  • Four person boats. The stability of having extra people in the boat makes it ideal for learn to scull classes, and wonderful fun as you advance and work out the balance and timing with the other scullers in the boat.
Ursa Minor - Vespoli 4x (bottom boat)
Ursa Major - Vespoli 4x (upper boat)
3 Coxed Shoenbrod Quads


Olympia - Vespoli 4+

Concept2 Ergometers

  • 14 Model D's
  • 1 Model C
  • 6 sets of slides

Wintech 24 Wakeless Coaching launch (with cup holders)


Rec Singles other than the Wintech

  1. Demonstrate basic boat handling skills.
  2. Ability to carry the boat and oars safely to the water on their own either overhead or on shoulder, or recognize need to have assistance to carry boat.
  3. Must be aware of personal safety and safety of other boats/ people on the water.
  4. Demonstrate basic boat handling skills on the water, including rowing, backing, turning in place, launching, docking, stopping quickly and looking over the shoulder to steer.
  5. Perform a “flip test” with a LSC coach present. Must demonstrate ability to either get back into the boat, or swim to shore using the boat as a flotation device. (Flip test not required for Alden's and Martin's)
  6. Acknowledgment and understanding of the risk involved in participating in a water sport and unsupervised use of LSC equipment. Has been instructed to carry a PFD for safely.
  7. Has demonstrated an understanding of safe and unsafe water, weather and wind conditions. Knows traffic pattern and best ways to navigate in rough water and wind. Understands to stay close to shore and use good judgment about when to get off the water.

Intermediate Singles

  1. All of the above, but in the Intermediate boat
    • Blue Peinerts are your entry to racing type singles. Other club Peinerts (Purple, Red, Blue decked, and green decked) Peinerts and Maas 27 and Wintech 24 require additional "seat time" in a more vintage boat before use.

Doubles and Quads - Bow Seat Certification

  1. Must have completed 200 miles in a Club Single OR
  2. Certification can be obtained with 200 miles in the bow seat of the double/quad if there is a certified person sitting in another seat in the boat who is ultimately responsible for the steering of the boat.
  3. Any Club Member may sit seats 2 - 4 in a Club Quad or stroke in the Double.
  4. With a coach in attendance (or certified responsible person in another seat), people with less experience may bow/steer the double or quads.


  1. Must be certifiably crazy to love these!

Rationale for the above Certification Levels:

Rowing in a Single presents a danger to yourself. Complete understanding of conditions, boat, and maneuvering is fundamental. The quad moves significantly faster through the water than the single. Proficiency in a slower moving boat before advancing to a faster boat is the goal.

If you feel you can be “grandfathered” in for rowing any Club boat, please contact us with your justification and it will be considered.

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