Deb McCabe

Deb McCabe is passionate about rowing and instructing.

She was first introduced to rowing at Northeastern University in 1985, and has been rowing, sculling and mentoring ever since both at collegiate and club levels (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Orlando Rowing Club, Stanford Rowing Club/ Bair Island Aquatic Center, Boulder Community Rowing and Longmont Sculling Club).

Since 2001, Deb has been a member of the Colorado rowing community where she has been an active and dedicated member. Her roles have been far reaching. Sweep rower, sculler, Learn to Row coach and coxswain are water roles for Deb. She shares the title of 2005 National Champion in the Master’s A-double with her partner. Off the water she develops programs, establishes organizational policies, develops relationships with other rowing organizations and strategic allies, and directed first annual Thin Air Head Regatta. She enjoys working with new members of the rowing and sculling community to make sure they have an inviting and fun first experience at something quite foreign to them. She creates a positive training environment that encourages people to challenge themselves mentally and physically, to embrace a competitive spirit if that spirit moves them, or to embrace the grace and beauty of the sport if that is their desire.

An encouraging and thoughtful teacher, she is a believer that rowing is a life-long sport, and can be different things to different people. It is the ultimate team sport, yet very personal.

Deb has worked with people from 9 – 70 years of age. She has been a USRowing member since 1988, and is certified in First Aid and CPR and is a certified Level 2 USRowing coach and recently (2012) certified as a Concept 2 Instructor. Deb has been interviewed by the Colorado Daily, the Longmont Times-Call, Longmont Ledger and Boulder Magazine and was recently shown in the USRowing Yearbook.

While not playing with the Longmont Sculling Club, Deb is the Flight Director for two NASA satellite missions flown out of the University of Colorado.

Chantal Febvre

Born and raised in The Netherlands, Chantal started her rowing career in Holland at age 15. Geographically the country is tiny, but in the world of rowing it is huge. Thrilled to have found something in life that fit her on every level, from the physical part to the meditative aspects of the cadence of rowing on the open waters, she was soon rowing every single day. Fast forward to university, where rowing in the national competition, coaching and a board position at the student rowing club were probably more important than her degree at the time (shhhh…. don’t tell her parents).

After a bicycle trip that took Chantal and her husband through all of Europe as well as the Sahara desert, the couple landed in Colorado and met Deb of the Longmont Sculling Club in 2009. Chantal coached for one season, until baby number one was born. Two more children and a diversified career later, she is super excited to be back on the water, both as a coach and as a sculler.

Meredith Corley

Meredith rowed competitively in high school and college and is returning to the water after years of wandering. She loves to share the joy of sculling. Birdwatching opportunities in Longmont are an added bonus!

Sue Farabaugh

Although I’ve only been rowing for 5 seasons, I’ve come to love this sport which requires physical and mental skill as well as the ability to work well as a team. I’ve been fortunate to have some very fine coaches and beginning in 2015 began working with adaptive athletes and had the opportunity to try my hand at coaching our novices. My interest in this sport and desire to be fully immersed in it, also motivated me to get my referee license from US Rowing so that I could participate more fully in all aspects and at all levels. Sculling and coaching sculling is a great way to blend my background in physiology/biomechanics/dance with the attributes that make me successful as an air traffic control specialist (attention to detail, the ability to process lots of information quickly and telling people what to do!).

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