Adult Learn to Scull Programs

Adult Learn to Scull

There are 2 different ways to get involved in group classes this year - Weekend and Full Week classes

You do not need to be a member of the Longmont Sculling Club to participate in our Weekend or Full Week Learn to Scull Classes.

Our Intro to Sculling Classes and Summer Sculling Programs are designed not just to teach you to scull, but how to scull well!

This technically challenging sport is most fully enjoyed by doing it efficiently and correctly. Easy to learn the basics in a few sessions, it continually challenges you to master the skills. Perfecting the motion of the stroke you will be better able to appreciate the art and capitalize on the fitness aspects of the sport.

Once technique is mastered, the world (or Union Reservoir) is your oyster!

The focus of your first season with LSC will be to learn to scull beautifully.

Your goals and desires whether fitness, racing or enjoying the peace and beauty of being on the water, will be supported.

Intro to Sculling

Learn boat terminology and handling, sculling technique and steering, with instruction on water and land. Learn and experience the rowing culture. The majority of the sessions will be spent on the water in quads - 4 person sculling boats.

Working in the quads (4 person boats) will provide stability for you to develop your technique. These introductory classes are designed to give you a taste of sculling, so you can decide if you'd like to continue learning and developing your sculling skills at the Longmont Sculling Club.

Each of the sessions begin with a land session to go over safety, boat terminology, the basic sculling stroke on a rowing ergometer and boat handling.

You will be on the water working learning to scull for the majority of the remainder of the session(s).

By the end of the class you should expect to have improved your skill, spent some fun time on the water, and have made some new friends with whom you will always share a special bond.

Learn to Scull 2017

Weekend Learn to Scull Classes - all classes are held over 2 days

Weekend sessions are Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning

Full Week Learn to Scull Classes - all classes are held over 4 days

Full Week sessions are Sunday afternoon and Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning

2017 Intro to Sculling Schedule


Sign up ahead of class time is required to assure each of the boats has the correct number of scullers for your class.

If you'd like a reminder about these introductory classes as the season gets closer, please send an email to and put Intro Sculling in the subject line, and we'll make sure to keep you in the loop.

What to wear and what to expect

At the completion of your Intro to Sculling we will invite you to become a member of the club to continue with the Summer Sculling Programs - Novice.

Summer Sculling Programs - Novice

Continuation of Intro to Sculling
Advances technique by providing more detailed instruction of the different portions of the stroke. Achieve improved boat dynamics and flow by having individuals act as one as the scullers develops synergy with each other. Guaranteed row on your scheduled day, and potential to fill in as a substitute in other sessions means more sculling each month. Scullers will be boated by ability. Opportunities may exist for sculling in singles as well! Must be a member to participate.


We offer a greater than 50% discount off the non-member price for continuing classes!

Full month sessions (3 days a week) will be offered June through October for $105 each (discounts available if you sign up for multiple months at a time).
2017 Novice Summer Sculling Schedule


What makes us different?

Longmont Sculling Club and the Union Reservoir are a Destination!

  • Union Reservoir is WAKE-LESS water!
    • You can focus on your sculling, not the speed boats
    • Safe environment for sculling
  • Morning and Afternoon classes
    • Breaking the stereotype that we're ALL morning people
  • Boats are located at waters edge
    • No long carries with the equipment
  • Longmont Sculling Club is SCULLING!
    • Specialized focus with no competing interests
  • Each class is limited to 8 students
    • Personalized attention is on YOU!
  • Social and Fun!
    • Various off water activities will be suggested to help you get to know your crew outside of class.

Come Join in the Fun!

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