Adaptive Rowing


Get on the Water! New programs just added

Session 1 – Saturday 10:30 – 12:30: June 4 – July 2 (5 classes)

Session 2 – Sunday 10:00 – 12:00: July 10 – Aug 7 (5 classes)

Session 3 – Saturday 10:30 – 12:30 Aug. 27 – Sept. 24 (5 classes - includes Paddle Like a Pirate)

Session 4 – Saturday 10:30 – 12:30 Oct. 1 – Oct. 29 (5 classes)

Skills will be built from one week to the next and from one session to the next. Initially the basic rowing stroke will be taught on the rowing machine on land, or on a “dock box”. The dock box is essentially a drop in sliding seat and rigging unit that can be used in some of our boats. The dock box can be put on the dock with regular oars so you can learn how to take rowing strokes with oars without having to think about the balance part of actually being in a boat.

You will then practice moving and carrying a boat. We’ll do some boat orientation on the land before taking it to the water. From there the group will progress to sculling in quads. These are our 4 person rowing shells. There will be an experienced person sitting bow seat who will do the steering activities.

As the group advances we may stay in the quads, or move into different types of boats. We have an assortment of boats and adaptive equipment. Pontoons can be installed on the riggers to provide additional stability to narrower boats. The Club also has some very stable flat-bottomed boats that can be rowed as singles or doubles. There are racing singles and doubles too.

Boats can be adapted in many ways to make it possible for people with various abilities to scull. We have fixed seat rowing options for those without the use of their legs and/or trunk, and grip aids for people that might need that, and we are a creative bunch that can figure out ways to make it work for most people.

While we are not fully ADA compliant our facilities are reasonably accessible. We have a smooth mat from the parking area to the docks and a ramp up to the dock, which makes it accessible for people using wheel chairs. There is an accessible port-o-potty on the opposite side of the parking area. Our gravel parking area is probably the greatest challenge to people using wheeled devices.

The sessions, regardless of the type of boat that people are rowing, will always have a safety launch on the water with a coach incase rescue is necessary. There are PFD’s on the safety launch, and additionally there are inflatable PFD’s that people can take in the rowing shells with them. People should be able to complete one of the following: 1) pass a swim test (50 yard swim, 5 minute float, and put on a PFD while in the water) or 2) wet exit test (while wearing PFD can fall out of a boat and float on back). We will not be executing swim tests, but would like to know that people can take care of themselves in the water while staying with the boat. If people wanted to participate on land only – that is doable too! We can plan to have someone work with them on the rowing machines or dock boxes.

Each Session builds on the previous and also gives the opportunity for new people to join in. We boat people of similar abilities together so everyone has a more positive experience.

Depending on what people wanted to do, we could target some races. There is an all-adaptive regatta, Bayada Regatta, in Philadelphia on August 13. It is an absolutely amazing experience. The following weekend, Aug 18– 21, is US Master Nationals in Worcester, MA. Each of those races is 1000m. During fall there are longer “head” races that are generally 3 miles long down a river. There is one at Horsetooth Reservoir in Ft. Collins, and others that people have gone to in Kansas and California. If people are interested in racing – there are opportunities to do so! The Club will support with that logistically. The cost is not included in the Session pricing and are the responsibility of the competitor.

A parking pass is required for the park, and is not included in program fees. Veterans are exempt and can get a certificate from the gate attendant with the correct documentation.

1 session - $150
2 sessions - $285 (5% discount)
3 sessions - $405 (10% discount)
or for $550 take all 4 sessions and become a member!

Membership in the Longmont Sculling Club also includes membership in the Union Sailing Club and entitles you to discounted private sculling lessons, the ability to take out Club equipment on your own once certified, and you will receive an LSC t-shirt - and it's wicked cool!

Membership information and a signed Liability Waiver are necessary even if you are not becoming a member.

Payment may be made by credit card by clicking here
or you may include payment and signed forms and mail to:

Longmont Sculling Club
PMB 266
1716A N. Main St.
Longmont, CO 80501

Please let us know if you have a support person who would like to participate or if you would like to be considered for a scholarship due to financial issues.

The Longmont Sculling Club has partnered with USRowing and the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide opportunities for physically and visually impaired people to try sculling on the water at Union Reservoir and indoors on the rowing machines at 3-2-1 Attention Row! - Open to civilians, wounded veterans and active duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Benefits of rowing include:

Stress management

Weight management

Increased flexibility, strength, cardio output


Competition, Recreation, and Functional Fitness

U.S. Paralympic Rowing Team opportunities

No age limits

No experience necessary

How to get involved:

Contact or call 303-998-1248 so we can prepare ahead of time for your maiden voyage into erging!

Upcoming Events:

See above!

Previous Events:

Indoor Racing

Feb12 and 13 we have athletes participating in the Denver Indoor Rowing Championships

Feb 6 athletes will be competing at the Mile High Sprints in Denver

We had an event with the Denver VA. on Jan 16, 2015. 16 athletes introduced to Indoor Rowing

Indoor Racing Mile High Sprints photos from 2015.

Indoor Adaptive Rowing Experience - at 3-2-1 Attention Row! Friday, Jan 16, 2015 Click to see how it went!

Learn to Scull Open House & Demo Day with LIM359 for Adaptive Athletes of All Abilities

Paddle Like a Pirate - our fundraiser where scullers, kayakers and stand up paddle boarders dressed like pirates and raced around an obstacle course. Fun Fun Fun!!

An Awesome video from Canada

Rowing Canada Adaptive Video

An Awesome video from Longmont

Fixed seat rowing on Union Reservoir - 2014

If you would like to be notified of future program details please send an email to and we will keep you in the loop.

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