2009 Recap


An end of year summary from our president

Happy New Year everyone.... Wow, what a year 2009 was - in so many
ways! I'd like to give a recap of some of the highlights... I'll
apologize up front for so many words - but whew! a lot has happened!

There was an active and very successful group of ergers over the
winter last year. People competed in the Holiday Challenge in
December, the Virtual Team Challenge in January, won at Mile High
Sprints, earning a free trip to Boston for CRASH-B's (the World indoor
rowing championships - and coming in 4th!) and others erging over a
million meters for the season.

We started the water season with the open house in May where about 35
folks were introduced to sculling by you. Your help and welcoming and
enthusiastic spirit helped build the great group of people that we
have at the Club today. At the end of the season we had 30 members,
and we taught another 35 to row. The club ran 2 camps for kids, some
of whom have continued rowing during the school year with the Colorado
Jr. Crew - hopefully they'll be back for more sculling fun this coming

Over the course of the season approximately 600 boats were on the
water. This is an amazing number of rows! It makes me so happy that
so many people are getting out on the water so often, and loving it!

When June rolled around, Rob got here to start coaching the
experienced group which just continued to improve as the summer
progressed. The new coaching launch was finally fixed and assembled
with the help of many hands and it had it's maiden voyage by the end
of the month - much to everyone's pleasure! All of sudden we could
hear each other on the water.

The new folks started their programs in June, and went from not
knowing the difference between arms and legs, to moving a boat along
pretty well - and together. I think they started to appreciate those
special strokes when the boat does come together - and now they're
hooked and looking for more and more of them.

Longmont Sculling Club had not only it's first racers at the Row the
Rockies Regatta in Littleton, but it's ever first medals!

Docks were a bit of a challenge this year - as the water level went up
and down, and the Reservoir turned into a raging sea during the
storms. All your help putting them back together, and the brilliance
of getting them off the posts one morning were very much appreciated.
We're getting smarter, so I'm optimistic about next years situation.
More time sculling, less time dock wrestling!

As fall rolled around, Rob headed back to UCLA to coach their
novices. It was hard for me to believe how quickly the season went
- but I guess it's true what they say... time files when you're
having fun! You all brought such yummy things to the send off BBQ,
eating and drinking, looking back over the summer, and forward to the
fall. Starting in September, Chantal deftly filled Rob's place
coaching the experienced group and a new group of novices that started
late in the season.

We got a bunch of new equipment this season. As far as boats to, we
got the Red Rec Racer/Fisa, the Martin Trainer, a nice red Peinert
single, two Hudson doubles and two Kaschper doubles, the last of which
arrived Thanksgiving weekend, and the wakeless coaching launch. There
are a bunch of new sculls to go with the new boats. Someday this
year, it will be quite impressive to have that many boats on the water
for one of our Sunday Club rows.

We've got some new storage spots for the new equipment on racks built
on the West side of the containers. How quickly we filled it up
though. In 2009 we got approval for more storage at the lake - which
we very much need. In 2010 we'll make that happen.

Our "Land Fleet" has been upgraded from 2008 too. We now have 3
Concept2 Model D's and 5 Model C's for land training at the lake on
those windy days, and in the Erg Studio over the winter.... and thus
the season comes full circle.

It's been an amazing year thanks to all of you. Your help, good and
caring attitudes, friendly spirits, fun sense of humor and ability to
get along make this a wonderful group to be associated with. YOU are
Longmont Sculling Club. The Sailing Club has helped us out and given
us a good start. We're getting bigger and more independent - just
like a kid growing up. You have made the growing pleasurable. Our
2010 information will be available very shortly. I'm so very much
looking forward to our 3rd year, and all that it will bring.


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